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2010 Strategic Plan Outcomes

Over the last eight years, significant progress has been achieved through the work of fourteen Initiative Teams involving more than 150 employees. Below are the outcomes that have resulted from their efforts.

In addition to the outcomes listed below, there have been several unplanned benefits of the Strategic Plan process and implementation, including:

  • Gave employees a voice in their future.
  • Created synergy through coordination and cooperation of teams.
  • Helped establish consistent policies, procedures, and practices across the state.
  • Developed leadership of team members.
  • Enhanced cooperation of UT and TSU.
  • Created a greater climate of acceptance for change.
  • Gave employees the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues.
  • Created unity and esprit de corps.‚Äč

Approximately 90 percent of the 2010 Strategic Plan has been implemented and institutionalized to a sustainable plan. Some items are in progress, which include: redesign and enhancement of SUPER and development of an electronic dossier process. In addition, plans are to redesign and complete the Strategic Plan website to serve as a record of plans and accomplishments and create a final report to present during the 2020 Extension Conference.


Mentoring Toolkit

Created a statewide peer mentoring program for agents and administrative assistants featuring mentor training, a mentor toolkit website, and mentor recognition.

Goal: Investing in Extension’s Human Capital

UT LEAD95 | Developng an dSupporting County Directors


Developed LEAD95, which is a comprehensive face-to-face training program for county directors. The program includes a mentoring component, 360-degree leadership assessment, and online toolkit.

Goal: Investing in Extension’s Human Capital

Healthy Lifestyles

Healthy Lifestyles Initiative

Created a wellness program, “Healthy Lifestyles,” for Extension employees, which includes activities, a website, a project calendar, email messages, and workshops.

Goal: Investing in Extension’s Human Capital

Lone Oaks

4-H Facility – Western Region

Purchased a 4-H facility in the Western Region and developed a Master Plan for a 4-H camp and conference center. Construction began in 2019.

Goal: Preparing for Future Growth



Extension’s System for University Planning, Evaluation, and Reporting (SUPER) was redesigned to enhance efficiency and expand function of the current system. The Enrollment module has been developed, tested, and introduced through workshops while other modules are in development. A user guide has also been developed.

Goal: Advancing Tennessee through Innovative Programs

excels | Extension Competency E-Learning for Success

Extension Competency E-Learning for Success

Developed a competency-based system, EXCELS, to guide professional development of agents, including a scenario-based assessment, guidebook, and corresponding courses.

Goal: Investing in Extension’s Human Capital

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Toolkit

Developed a statewide marketing plan for UT Extension including a marketing toolkit, storytelling toolkit, marketing training, and establishing March as Extension Month.

Goal: Increasing the Visibility of UT Extension

Performance Appraisal

Streamlined Performance Appraisal System

A streamlined performance appraisal system, including a rubric for performance and criteria for county directors, was developed jointly by UT and TSU.

Goal: Maximizing Organizational Efficiency

Policies Procedures

Policies and Procedures

Identified and compiled Extension policies and procedures in a formatted comprehensive, searchable website.

Goal: Maximizing Organizational Efficiency

Gifts Grants Fees

Gifts, Grants, and Fees

Increased support for gifts, grants, and fees through training and a designated individual for Extension support.

Goal: Preparing for Future Growth


Extension Volunteers

Expanded and strengthened Extension volunteers through in-services, a handbook, policies and procedures for protection of minors, and a resource website.

Goal: Investing in Extension’s Human Capital



Enhanced the quality of teaching by Extension agents and specialists through development of e-learning modules and a face-to-face in-service program, BEST.

Goal: Investing in Extension’s Human Capital

Office Standards

Office Standards

Office standards for customer service and facilities were developed and introduced. The standards identified guidelines for building or remodeling office space, customer service, professionalism, and media relations. A website was developed for easy access to the information.

Goal: Preparing for Future Growth

Healthy Lifestyles
UT Extension Marketing Toolkit
excels | Extension Competency E-Learning for Success